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August 29, 2017

It can be a real daunting process to choose a smartwatch that suits you and comes with all the features you need, which in turn should be making life much easier (That is what technology should be doing). With all these options and every month some new device with extra features comes out, or you’ve seen a device but you are not sure if it really is the one for you.

Follow these simple rules and you'll save allot of research and time in your decision:

  1. Is a smartwatch the right piece of Tech for you?

Every Smartwatch has its own features and benefits, when choosing a smartwatch you would need to take these into consideration.

Smartwatch – Are you only looking to use the watch to wear daily and sync with your phone for the benefit of easy access to phone applications?

Fitness Tracker – Are you the sporty type that wants to get out and better your fitness levels?

GPS Running Watch – Are you an Elite Athlete looking to get a more advanced fitness watch?


  1. What type of phone do you have?

When choosing your Smartwatch, you should consider the phone you have and will be connecting it to. Even though you can get a Smartwatch that would be able to cross-OS with compatibility, and you have the luxury of choice, there are a few features that are locked off on Smartwatches.

It’s highly recommended to stick to the standard pairing (Apple watches with iOS Devices & Samsung Phones with Android Wear).


  1. Sleek & Stylish, or Rugged & Outdoorsy

How will you be wearing your watch? Would it be for everyday use or are you planning to do adventurous things with it on? Different Smartwatches can endure different environments and handle different amounts of impact.

If you looking to for a trendy model Smartwatch, you would need to focus on something sleek & stylish. It should be easy to the eye and work well with how you’d be dressing.

However, if you plan on being outdoors, then you’d definitely need to get something rugged, a Smartwatch that is a little water resistant with silicone bands or other sweat proof bands.


When choosing a Smartwatch, make sure you’ve done your research based on these simple rules. When all is said and done a Smartwatch needs to fit your budget, match your style and fulfill your needs.

I hope that this has assisted you and helped with deciding on the correct Smartwatch for you. You looking for a Smart watch, you definitely find one in our collection (Click on the link here).

If you know of anyone looking to purchase a Smartwatch or needs guidance with getting a Smartwatch please do share this article.